Children’s Day Membership Discount Card - Everyone’s a Winner
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Save $$$ all year round, on presentation of your Children's Day Discount Card. Only $7.50 per card including postage. (1 year membership)

Due to the rapidly growing number of business sponsors generously offering a discount to Children’s Day Card Holders (Minimum Discount 5% most businesses are offering 10%)
Card holders are guaranteed to recoup the $7.50 cost of their card many time over - with many of the businesses listed, the cost of the card will be returned many times over with just 1 Transaction !

Paradise Kids receive $2 with the purchase of every Children’s Day Discount card.

Paradise Kids ( a Gold Coast & Brisbane Based charity

that provides grief, loss, & illness support programs for children, youth & their families.
In a nutshell...

3 Things will happen with the purchase of a Children’s Day Membership Discount Card

1. Paradise Kids will receive $2

2. The Carholder Receives a Minimum 5% (possibly 10%) discount from participating stores

3. Business Customer base increases for participating stores

To Order your Discount Card Click Order Discount Card on the left side of the page

‘Just Say Yes’